Posted by: cantmisssd | January 7, 2010

Visual Underground

The best show in the world. Or so goes the word on the street.

Two years ago, The Visual Underground‘s monthly round of pop art piled on top of punk rock sensibility via film, art, music and mischief outgrew the space at The Whistle Stop by spraying half-drunk artistic types into the streets of South Park, and it’s been lying in wait ever since for the moment that San Diego needed another dose. That moment is upon us. The Visual Underground returns tonight, storming the Casbah for $10 at the door. It’s packing up local music to make your socks go up and down from Crash Encore, Republican of Letters and DJ Edgartronic, artists Jessica A. Tehan, Tim Walikis, and Kelly Orange. Like the release says:

The TVU Reunion will present a myriad of new short films, animations and videos collected and arranged with the intent to mix well with drink. Also featured will be a custom art installation set to the vibe of DJ Edgartronic and designed to showcase works by artists from San Diego to Santa Fe. Capping the night will be two stellar local bands accompanied by the AVicious VJs who will be providing a special “venue wide” projection installation that will blow the pockets from your skinny jeans.

KPBS previews what to expect: “Films featured include local band videos; award-winning voice-over comedy ‘Pissing Vocal Gold;’ and the awkward problem of a $73 prostitute in ‘Blueberry.’”

If you’re one of the people always thinking that just behind some narrow door in all of your favorite bars, men in red woolen shirts are getting incredible kicks from things you’ll never know, TVU is the path to where it lives and breathes. If you’re not, then you’ll be there anyways.

You’re excited? Feel these nipples!


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